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Cosmo and Nanu - Fantasy

Epic love story

Kathryn Quinn

It's a love story of epic proportions.

When Italian hunters shot this female stork called Malena, local vets in Croatia were the stork had been nesting revealed that although they had saved her life -- she would never fly again.

She was placed back in her nest with her young and when her partner named Rodan flew south with their young they expected that she would eventually die and certainly never mate again.

But there predictions that she would not live were foiled after the Vokic family where she had a nest helped to feed her through the long winter months and now -- amazingly -- every year Rodan returns to mate with his partner and rear another clutch of chicks.

That means that every year Rodan flies 13,000 kilometres to South Africa to spend winter in the warm and then the same distance back again to be back with his injured love.

A local said: "She was shot in 1993 by Italians - but she didn't die and was handed over to our vet. He saved her life but was crippled and had lost her ability to fly. The damage was too severe

"Her lover is amazing - this year when he arrived from South Africa where he spent the winter, despite the fact that he had travelled 13,000 kilometres he immediately made love to Malena.

"It was clear they were pleased to see each other. Because she can't fly Rodan teaches the little ones to fly and accompanies them to the south every season."

Rodan returns every year to the same backyard where Malena lives with the Vokic family.

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  • Lizzy Hernández Muñoz wrote on 07. 05. 2010 from Orizaba, Veracruz. Mexico

    The story of Rodan and Malena touched my heart. It´s a story of love and faith! The Vokic family is an example of generous people. Congratulations!


  • Rachel Bailie wrote on 17. 04. 2010 from Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA

    How incredible! Leave it to the animals to teach us what true love really means. I was so touched to read the story of Rodan and Malena. How he returns to her after so many years really got to me like nothing else could do. How she waits for him all through the winter is also amazing, given her instinct to fly south too. For each of them, and for those who saved her, I bow to the power of love and what it means to bond for life.


  • Jenny Dooley wrote on 17. 04. 2010 from Sydney Australia

    Congratulations to the Vokic family for making the storks' love story possible. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were more people like this humane Croatian family!!! As for people who kill animals for sport, I don't think they'd be missed if their kind were to die out.


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